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Led Ring Light With Phone Tripod Stand

Led Ring Light With Phone Tripod Stand

Led Ring Light With Phone Tripod Stand

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7-year-old Ryan makes $22 million per year just from reviewing toys on YouTube.

Joe Rogan, a  podcaster signed a $100 million content just to put his content on Spotify.

Thousands of persons like you are making a full-time income online, having the freedom to live and work on their terms, never answer to a boss, and only working few hours a day, through CONTENT CREATION. 

There are two types of persons in this world; Content Creators and Content Consumers. We know you're not a consumer and you've got great content to share and that's why we're recommending this product to you. 

The secret to virality and a huge following on Social Media is simply having great CONTENT.

Imagine what having 100k-1m followers on Insta would do for you. That literally puts you in the top 10% of the world and it all starts with GREAT CONTENT.  

And that's what the LED RING LIGHT WITH PHONE TRIPOD STAND will do for you, it helps you to churn out great content that makes you valuable and desirous in the influencer marketplace with 100s of brands begging you to feature their products and willing to pay any amount for you to do that. 


🔥DIMMABLE RING LIGHT: Featuring 3 color lighting modes: Warm Light (3000K), Cool White (4500K), and Day Light (6000K), and each mode has 11 brightness levels, 33 options in total. 

The different options are made to suit your different needs and give you the glow that sets you apart and attracts people to your content. Dimming range: 1%-100%


 🔥STURDY TRIPOD STAND: Strongly built aluminum tripod stand extending from 1.1m to 2m (average human height is 1.7m). This allows you to get all the perfect angles and produce really quality videos and photos.

 🔥 BLUETOOTH-CONNECTED WIRELESS REMOTE that allows you to take photographs without the help of another person. With just one click you can take photos and control videos from anywhere in the room (works within a distance of 10m) without having to touch your phone or the light. Just press the remote and snap. Compatible with Android or ios devices.

🔥EASY TO INSTALL: Installation is as easy as ABC. It can be disassembled and fit perfectly inside a traveling bag for travel. 

🔥MAKE QUALITY VIDEOS & PHOTOS: This equipment enables you to get quality content which is favored by social media algorithm allowing your content to reach a wider audience. Spot the difference between content created by it and content created with an ordinary phone.

🔥We will email you a PDF containing tools to create and edit video like this. We will continually send algorithm hacks on how to grow your social media following in a short time. 


  • Instagram Live/Videos
  • Tik Tok Videos
  • Facebook Live
  • YouTube
  • Vlogging
  • Indoor Photoshoot
  • Video conferences/calls
  • Makes a perfect gift for an aspiring influencer
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    Plug Standard: EU Plug
    Package: Yes
    Color Temperature: Bi-color 3200K-5600K
    Item name: Ring Lamp
    Plug: USB charge
    Light modes: white light, warm light, soft light
    Light Source: High quality LED
    Using: makeup ring lamp / photography /Youtube

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