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True Fitness Hips Trainer


Before you purchase this product, I need to give you some warnings.

First, if you're a married woman, get ready for the kind of attention you will be getting from your husband after a week of using this no matter the amount of kids you have given birth to. One of my customers said this product saved her failing marriage because the husband started liking her back, chatting with her on WhatsApp and even calls her like five times a day during work!! She said she is impressed by shape after using this product for exercise despite having given birth to 4 kids.

If you're not married, after about 1 week, you will begin to get compliments from people, your co-workers, your neighbours etc, the change in shape will become fully glaring after two weeks and that is when the real deal begins. All over your DM, you'll see people vying and dying for your attention, your ex will begin to chat you back and ofcourse, if you ever post on Instagram, come and see likes, your pictures will even feature on the explore page without much effort.

For married men, who are now not so proud of the way their wives look, she had a great shape before but have lost it (you can't blame her), this is your opportunity to get back the shape again!

She can't even get you to perform in the other room because of the way her shape is and you now eye all these small small girls. Now you can salvage your marriage, you can make your wife someone you are proud to take to events and ofcourse someone that can activate you in the other room!

This applies to engaged men too!

Now lets see how this product works


The buttocks and hips are essentially made up of three muscles called gluteus maximus, gluteus minimus, gluteus medius and just like every muscle, it can be developed with exercsie. Previous exercises used to increase buttocks size was squats but it takes so much time to be effective and leads to muscular legs. The True Hips equipment helps to exercise the buttocks and the hips making it larger in very little time and also doesn't give muscular legs but helps to slim the legs.

₦15,000  ₦6,500

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FOUR-IN-ONE PRODUCT- The True Hips trainer though a single product has up to four functions.

1. Tightens yout hips to give the picture perfect figure 8 shape

2. Corrects pelvic tilts or shape changes caused by pregnancy, sitting for long periods of time and inactivity.

3. Brings out the buttocks giving a round and perky butt.

4. Slims the legs and gives beautiful and allurging leg type.

This is Kate Henshaw at 50. Don't yyou want to look like this or want your wife to look like this?

  • GIVES YOU THE KILLER SHAPE - The hips trainer gives you a killer and attractive shape in just a week of using it. Your clothes will fit better and look more attractive in photos and of course attract afftraction when you step in a place.
  • MAKES IT EASIER TO GIVE BIRTH - Women with wider hips are known to give birth more easily. The wide hips enables them to have less pain and give birth in no time. Their pear-shaped body saves them in moments when they should feel a lot of pain. This Hips trainer will give you a wider hips in no time.
  • PORTABLE - Adjustable elastic strength, strong elasticity, ergonomic design, comfortable and free, small size that can be carried with you.
  • LOOK LIKE A CELEBRITY - Mostcelebrities pay at least five hundred thousand just to get a wider hips and round butt but this product can give it to you with minimal workout. You will be perceived as a model and will be easier to get modelling opportunites.
  • EXERCISE - This is a one in all exercise tool that helps you do four things at once while maintaining shape and being healthy.
  • Squats will give you a fat and muscular legs but not this, it will slim your legs and burn leg fat, shapes and waist and hips and also bring out your buttocks without any side effects For men and women, women can have good hips, and men can promote sexual function and prevent sagging hips.
  • VERY EASY TO USE- Just place it in between your legs and squeeze as much as you can. 5 to 10 mins a day is all you need.
  • NOT SOLD IN STORES: This wonderful product isn't sold in any store in Nigeria including Jumia, we are the official importers of the product from US. The rush is more than we can handle and we have just 10 pieces left if you'd like to get it, just order quickly and you will receive it the next day
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