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Multifunction Mini GPS Tracker

This is literally the cheapest, simplest and easy to use GPS tracker. All it requires is a SIM Card and a memory card (to store all the details).

No other connection or anything required. Other trackers are usually connected to the battery of a car or to an electric connection, once thieves steal a car, they will just remove the bettery and the costly car tracker becomes useless!

To get information you need from the GPS tracker, all you need is to send texts to the number of the SIM which you put in the Tracker;

-Send 555 to start recording the audio and movement of the tracker.
- Send 666 to stop recording
- Send 777 to receive the location via a link to Google Map which is sent automatically as a reply to the text.
- Send 445 to delete recording
- Send 444 to reset phone number.

With this Multifunction tracker, nothing you have will be lost again, hackers are using Master Keys to open cars even automatic cars. This is the EMBER period and kiddnapping is common during these periods, why leave their security to chance.

More Benefits and Features of the Multifunction Mini GPS Tracker are shown below!

₦20,000  ₦12,000


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  • Track Exactly what is happening- It gives you the real time information of whatever you want to track, this means that it can give you the exact location of what you are tracking be it a car, person etc.                                                                                                                                        
  • All you need to do is to send 777 to the number of the SIM card in the tracker and it automatically sends a texts to your phone with the position and the map to access it.


  • Listen to the voice notes around the tracker: Not just that it can give exact position and recording, it can also record the audio and details of what is happening within the range of where it is kept.                                                                                                        
  • All you need to do is to dial 555 and you can listen to real time audio of what is happening. You can also save the audio so you can retrive it later. You can monitor and spy what's going on around the tracker silently and secretly.This is super useful for workers and sometimes cheating spouses.


  • SET UP A ELECTRONIC FENCE (Geo-Fence): You can set a geo-fence so that the device limits its movement within a district, the device will send a message to the authorized number if it moves away from the district. Hence you can keeo track of activites and movement of who/what you want to track without necessarily been there. Useful for kids, workers and properties etc.
  • ALL YOU NEED IS A WORKING SIM CARD (NOT INCLUDED!): to insert into the device and then you can track and map in real-time with the SIM. You can also get a memory card (optional) to record every detail that happens so you can play it later,
  • EASY TO HIDE EASY TO ATTACH: Black shell, easy to hide, perfect for tracking vehicles, teens, spouses, elderly persons, or assets. With two powerful magnets inside, easy to attach to the vehicle firmly, no extra installation needs.
  • PORTABLE AND MINI: Small size and lightweight, easy to carry.


I used this to track my driver, heard all his conversation with his friend and where he has been keeping my money. Just called police and retrived everything. I can't believe the price is just 15,000. I bought 4 extra for myself.

Mr. Samuel, Ikeja

Good tracking device. I like the simplicity and how small it is, no one would notice.

Kenneth, Egbeda

I normally give me 20 yr old son my car to drive and then tell him not to go past a certain area, he will always disobey but I couldn't catch him red handed. After I put this in my car, it sent me a message once he passed the distance and I called him immediately, he was so shocked and speechless. Good product! Works as described

Ugochi Okeke,VGC

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