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Portable Air Conditioner

The Kitchen is the hottest place in the home because of the heat generated during cooking making you uncomfortablel and sweaty!!

Fans won't work well in the kitchen since it will blow away most small cooking ingredients including the fire and Air conditioners are quite expensive costing up to 100,000 for good ones and very bulky.

You don'y have to be always hot and SWEATY while cooking and we have a perfect solution for that. It costs only 1/4 of the price for an AC and gives you the same result and that can work for 24 hours, 7 days a week without electricity!


The portable air conditioner uses a process called evaporation, which lets it work more effectively than the traditional AC units can. It has a tank inside that you will fill with water(ices) and a filter. When you run the machine, it will pull warm air in through the back and send it through the filter. That air will mix with the water inside, which cools it down before it exits the appliance. It can run for up to eight hours without the filter freezing or the water inside getting too hot. It does three separate things; cooling, purifying and humidifying.

₦25,000  ₦15,000


  • Three Functions, One device: The portable air condtioner is inteligently designed to rapidly cool your space within minutes, anyone that walks in will definitely ask where the air conditioner is because the effect will be so powerful.
    It has an evaporative filter inside that removes dust and dirt in air polluted areas like Lagos and Port Harcourt, these small dusts are the major cause of lung cancers, this device prevents that for you.


  • Light weight and convenient: The portable AC is very lightweight and convenient and can be easily carried around from your home to your office, it caan be carried about in different rooms and to kitchens where it's normally hot unlike the big bulky ones!


  • Super Quiet and Adjustable Fan Speed: Unlike the nomal fan and ac, it doesn't make a single sound and ensures you and your children sleep better. The AC features three speed levels, low, medium and high that you can control accoding to your need.
  • 8 Hours of Battery Life: Can last up to 8 hours when fully charged and very useful when there is no electricity!
  • Can serve as a source of light: It has led lights attached around it and can serve as light during power failures


Here is What Our Customers Have to Say

I purchased this for my 11-year old son who has a tendency of feeling hot all the time. But we cannot put an air conditioner in his room so this has worked equally well for him. He is able to sleep better at night and even draws the bedsheet during the early morning. Loved it!

Mrs. Abiola, Sagamu

I was skeptical as to whether this would work but I was amazed. I checked the temperature before and after with a little thermometer --- the temperature around me went from 76 degrees to 68 degrees within several minutes! fill up the water tank with ice chips and turn it on high, you will feel a temperature drop similar to the nice, cold breeze that you feel right before a thunderstorm. Our air conditioner is old and some rooms in the house are warm, so I keep this on a table right next to the sofa when I'm watching TV. It's awesome. This is also a nice solution for couples where one partner likes the room warm and one likes the room cool. My wife does not like the a/c set to freezing so this keeps us both comfortable.

Dr. Isaac, Lekki

It's exactly what I was looking for. It releases cold air and is adjustable. It's very easy to use. It's also significantly better than the previous version I bought a few years ago because it doesn't leak water as easily, it's colder, it's more adjustable, and it doesn't break. I bought two of them and it's like four times powerful!

Mrs. Fumilayo, Okota

This mini ac has worked wonders for me. I get hot flashes and I love this thing for rescuing me in that condition. I did what it said I put the water in it and I chilled the filter in the freezer and it's kept me really cool during the hot flashes especially at night on my bedside table I would put extra ice cubes in where the water goes and it would keep me cool all night long. Next summer I'm probably going to buy me a couple of more that way I have some beside me in the living room not just in my bedroom a lot cheaper than air conditioner's and worked just as well. They have a very powerful fan which keeps you cool so if you're looking for a little relief from your hot flashes ladies give this thing a try or just if you're in a hot office you will not be sorry.

Mr. Desmond, Ikeja

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