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Fruit Juice Extractor

Enjoy fresh friut juice with your family without any chemicals or artificial sugar.

Have you ever wondered why our parents and people of the older generation never had diseases like cancer? It is because they relied majorly on natural foods and vegetables and they lived longer. Nowadays, even getting to 70 is a miracle; Diabetes, Hypertension, Cancer are all killing people nowadays.

This is because those man-made things added in artificial foods all have dangerous side effects that cause diseases.  

This is the amount of sugar present in different bottles of coke, allowing your kids to keep taking them everyday is like killing them yourself, Start giving them healthy fruits and vegetables by getting the fruit Juice Extractor to be able to make fresh juice for your family.

₦25,000 ₦15,000


  • Enjoy a Healthy Life without Issues- Most doctors agree that one way to live a disease free life and also live a longer life is to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. With this product, you can easily take in fruits and vegetables without stress and in a liquid chilled form. It is also easier for your kids to want to take fruits when it's in a liquid form. Below are benefits you can get from fruits and vegetables.
  • Very Easy to Use - Using the fruit juice extractor is as extremely easy such that your kid can use it. It also deosn't require much force necessary because it uses the principle of leverage structure design so it is easy for anyone to press the handle down and squeeze the juice with low effort. The leverage also gives great compression and efficiency in the juicing process making it cost effective.
  • No Electricity Needed-  The Fruit Juice extractor doesn't need electricity to work and hence can be used at anytime, any day or any where. Also, unlike electric blenders, it extracts only the juice leaving the body of the fruit but electric blenders blend everything together even the back and seed so it's not pure. It also has a filter to filter seeds and back.
  • Durable and Healthy-The manual citrus juicer is made of high quality Zinc alloy with chromium-plate and polishing processing. It is corrision resistant and doesn't react with fruits, nor does it breed bacteria. Never worry about the health and original flavour of the juice.
  • Easy to Clean- The parts are removeable and detacheable for easy cleanup.
  • Easy to Pour Out- The juice is very easy to pour out due to the V-shaped mouth or oulet.


Here are wonderful reviews from our previous customers!

This is a dream come through for me. My kids always take sugary drinks and I have been bothered about it but when I got this, they fell in love with it and no longer go like to take sugary drinks, they even make it themselves.I'm so happy.

Mrs. Nwakozor, Ikorodu

I made a decision to stop taking artificial drinks and taking only fruits because of my age, this product is an answered prayer because it's so easy to do that.

Mr. Adeyemi, VGC

Amazing product, highly recommend!

Yusuf, Asokoro

I love this juicer!Easy to carry and easy to clean! So easy to use and love that it’s big enough to squeeze slices of orange! The pore spout on the side also makes it so easy to pour juice out of without a mess!

Precious, Banana Island

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