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It's the best solution to store your out of season or bulky items and clothes so that you can maximize space in your closet.

You can keep a variety of items such as clothes, sarees, blankets, curtains, linen, etc with this Living Box or Storage Box.

The simple design makes it easy to store, find and remove items with ease.

Transparent viewing windows on top and sides make it easy to view what's inside. Sturdy stainless steel frame keeps the storage bag firm, erect and in standing position. It has two handles for easy carry and an oxford fabric that is easy to wipe clean. Double zips on the top and front make it easy to open and close the storage box. Folding design makes it easy to fold.

₦15,000 ₦11,000

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  • High quality material : Made from 100% NEW polypropylene non-woven fabric, breathable, high quality, odorless and robust enough to ensure a long service life. If well taken care of, it will last up to ten years without damage. It is also Waterproof and will keep your clothes dry and away from water!
  • Easy Access : The front and top zip openings make it easy to store and remove content. The transparent window makes it easy to view items and saves time in finding the clothes you want. You don't have to go through stacks before you find what you're looking for. Just look through the window and see if what you are looking for is in the bag.

  • Stackable and foldable : Thanks to the sturdy metal frame, the storage bag can be stacked on top pf each other. When not needed, it can be folded into a flat bag but the metal frame allows it to open into a very large storage container.

  • Multipurpose Storage Options : These storage bags are waterproof, moisture-proof and dust-proof. Perfect for comforters, blankets, pillows, comforters, clothes, etc. It is a good helper for you to organize your closets and shelves.
  • It can be stored anywhere, under the bed, inside the closet, on top of cupboards
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