Get Personal Mentorship and Hand Holding from the persons that made 800k in January!

At a ridiculous give away price, we have decided to mentor just 10 persons until they start making money from Mini importation!

Best thing is, you get your 10,000 back if you don't start making money with Mini importation in two weeks (we are that confident).

Are you wondering why we are doing this, simple, we just want to help people solve their financial needs and we are collecting the 10,000 just because "only people that pay for a service, pay attention". If you don't commit anything to it then you are less likely to follow our advice and the things we say!

What you will be getting exactly!

Here are the things you'll get from us if you pay the sum of N10,000

1. A FREE website to sell your products plus how to create sales pages

2. A digital course, over 20 videos where you are taught everything in Mini importation from how to
-identify products that sell
-Get Chinese agents that will make sure you don't buy fake products from China
-Sell your products on Jumia, Jiji etc
-How to deliver your products to your customers
-How to advertise on Facebook and Instagram
-Contacts of reliable delivery agents that deliver fast and remit your money immediately

3. A WhatsApp training on.
- how to spy on your competitors on Facebook
- how to design pictures to advertise your products
-strategies we use to find HOT products that people are hungry to buy
- Facebook ads terms like CPC, CPA, ROAS, CTA, etc
-how to run a Retargeting campaign on Facebook and run a Lookalike audience website
-how to properly utilize Facebook Pixel. We'll teach you all the setting we use so that Facebook's algorithm can find you the most targeted, and highest quality persons interested in your product.
- How to run a profitable Facebook and Instagram ads and show you advert up to 10,000 persons.

4. You will get an ebook directly from Facebook on what causes ad accounts to be banned/disabled and learn how to avoid mistakes that cause the dreaded Facebook hammer that could cause your account to be banned

5. You will get our super crafted template on how we get 3 out of 5 deactivated/disabled ad accounts enabled/activated again

6. 24/7 support to ask ANY question or seek any help you need.

All these will be revealed in closed WhatsaApp/Facebook group for the first 10 persons to register

Total Value: ₦197,000

But you will gain access if you are among the first 10 persons for


Why ₦10,000?

First, because our major mantra is to help then comes the profiting aspect.

Second, divided over the 334 days remaining in 2020, ₦10,000 breaks down to ₦30 per day!

₦30 is less than what you give to beggars on the street, even a small kid will frown if given ₦30 for break.

Now, imagine spending ₦30 for something that will give you ₦65,000 per day. This is not trial and error whether you like it or not, people are making money from it, simply learn how and eat your own part of the national cake!

Simple reminder that we know what we are talking about. We didn't bother to show screenshots from last year but believe me they are massive!

Screenshot of the deliveries we made this year alone!

Jude, a week old student is already making N65,000 per day on while running ads for N3,600. Each order here is 6,500 and there are 10 orders already.

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